February Running

My first full month of running after surgery has come to an end.  There were a few hiccups during the month but I am happy with my progress since my First Run!  I kept to the treadmill all month as we continue to have the extremely cold and snowy winter this year.

I use a couple of websites to track my running.  When I first started running a few years ago I used the Running Ahead website and have continued to use it to keep my overall run stats up to date.  The website provides a lot of charts and graphs so you can view your stats.  Below are my total for February 2013.  I also like using Map My Run because I am able to share my workouts and compare stats with friends that also use the website.

I created a training plan in a Google Docs spreadsheet so I can see what I need to be running each day and then the overall mileage per week.  I scheduled to run every other day for the most part and the Activity Calendar below shows that I hit that mark for the most part in February.

For the month of February I started out running between 2.5 and 3 miles for the first two weeks to get a good base for my legs and breathing.  The second half of the month, I was able to run at a minimum of 3 miles each workout and maxed out at 4 miles for a few longer runs in preparation for the workouts in March.


The next chart I added to my dashboard on Running Ahead is the Weekly Run Stats.  This chart gives me a good idea of the mileage, weekly time, and average weekly pace for the workouts logged.

weekly run stat

The last chart I keep track of is the Month Run Stats on Running Ahead.  I can see month-to-month my overall mileage, time, and average pace for the month.  The customizable charts and graphs on the website are great to see where you stand, each day, week, and month.

monthly run stat

Overall,  I am really happy with my first full month of running and training for the half marathon under my belt.  I might be a bit slower than this time last year, but I am sticking to my training plan and have my first “long run” of 5 miles on Saturday.  March is going to pick up distance wise for race training so I am hoping the weather will warm up and I can transition from the treadmill to outside.

Happy Running!

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3 Responses to February Running

  1. Congrats and happy running! Stay healthy!

  2. Marlene Ochman says:

    I am so proud of you! I hope you will continue on this positive trek:-)

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