Run 1,000 Miles Challenge Update #2

The second three months of the  Run 1,000 Miles Challenge have progressed quickly.  Although the total number keeps climbing, December through February was not as smooth of a journey as the first three months were.  Setbacks from minor injuries and the weather were the trend for the second quarter. Nevertheless, the total mileage continues to climb and we are officially 50% complete with the challenge!

50% Overall Breakdown

For the second three months of the challenge I was able to rack up 204.25 miles, bringing me to a total of 442.72 miles as we are now halfway through the challenge.  In December, I battled some minor pain in my left foot and had to take a few days off to ensure no further stress or damage.  That caused my mileage for the month to dip a bit.

50% Monthly Breakdown

Following up a sub-par December, Mother Nature decided to go full swing into winter mode, which forced me to stick to logging the majority of my miles on the treadmill. February also saw some very frigid days and plenty of snow.  The treadmill was yet again the place where most of my miles were logged.

Midway through January marked 16 weeks until the 2015 Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May.  At this point, I started to slowly ramp up my mileage each week and started adding long runs into the schedule each Saturday. With the last week of February marking 8 weeks from race day, mileage for each week will start to increase 1-2 miles, with long run Saturdays increasing 1 mile each week( Successfully logged three 7+ miles runs in February).

Although my mileage goal is behind at this point, I have been able to see my monthly pace go from 9:12 min/mile in September to 8:35 min/mile in February.  I can hopefully catch up with the increase in training for the race through the next three months and set myself up for a strong finish through the summer to reach the goal of 1,000 Miles in a year!



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One Response to Run 1,000 Miles Challenge Update #2

  1. I know that I fell off the boat with my training, but I’m getting back aboard now! It will be very difficult for me to reach 1,000 miles, but you’re inspiring me. I know if you can do it, I can do it too 🙂

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