Run 1,000 Miles Challenge Update #3

Another 3 months have come and gone in the Run 1,000 Miles Challenge and it is all coming down to the wire from June through August. 2 major setbacks put the total mileage for this section of the challenge behind the pace.  Getting the flu for 10 days in March hampered that month’s mileage and then getting a sinus infection the week of the Pittsburgh Half Marathon led to a less than desired time for the half marathon.  Never the less, the challenge continues and the end is in on the horizon at the 75% complete mark.

75% Complete Overall Status

For the third three month stretch of the challenge, I was able to complete 227.19 miles, making the overall total mileage at the 75% mark at 673.46 miles.

The big build up for since January, and mostly through March and April was for the 2015 Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  I completed my first half marathon last year in the 2014 Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  My goal for 2015 was to PR by beating my previous half time of 2:00:26.  Training went fairly well but being sick the week leading up to the race made the 13.1 miles a bit more challenging than I had hoped.

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I made it through the race and completed the 13.1 mile course over the bridges and through the many neighborhoods of Pittsburgh in 2:05:48.  Although I wasn’t able to PR, it was yet again another great weekend racing in Pittsburgh and I know I will be back in 2016 to get my PR and sub 2:00 Half Marathon!

I was hoping to be at the 700 mile mark at this point to close out the challenge with three straight 100 mile months.  With the two setbacks mentioned above I was not able to increase my monthly mileage and remained in the 70-90 mile range for each month.

75% Monthly Breakdown

With three months to go and approximately 327 miles to go, the bar is raised a little bit higher to close out this challenge.  I have yet to reach the 100 mile mark for a month but the goal of running 1,000 miles in a year is still within reach and I’m not going to give up on reaching this goal!


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