Run 1,000 Miles Challenge Update #2

The second three months of the  Run 1,000 Miles Challenge have progressed quickly.  Although the total number keeps climbing, December through February was not as smooth of a journey as the first three months were.  Setbacks from minor injuries and the weather were the trend for the second quarter. Nevertheless, the total mileage continues to climb and we are officially 50% complete with the challenge!

50% Overall Breakdown

For the second three months of the challenge I was able to rack up 204.25 miles, bringing me to a total of 442.72 miles as we are now halfway through the challenge.  In December, I battled some minor pain in my left foot and had to take a few days off to ensure no further stress or damage.  That caused my mileage for the month to dip a bit.

50% Monthly Breakdown

Following up a sub-par December, Mother Nature decided to go full swing into winter mode, which forced me to stick to logging the majority of my miles on the treadmill. February also saw some very frigid days and plenty of snow.  The treadmill was yet again the place where most of my miles were logged.

Midway through January marked 16 weeks until the 2015 Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May.  At this point, I started to slowly ramp up my mileage each week and started adding long runs into the schedule each Saturday. With the last week of February marking 8 weeks from race day, mileage for each week will start to increase 1-2 miles, with long run Saturdays increasing 1 mile each week( Successfully logged three 7+ miles runs in February).

Although my mileage goal is behind at this point, I have been able to see my monthly pace go from 9:12 min/mile in September to 8:35 min/mile in February.  I can hopefully catch up with the increase in training for the race through the next three months and set myself up for a strong finish through the summer to reach the goal of 1,000 Miles in a year!



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My New Normal: Year 1

December 19, 2014

It has been one year since my First Surgery and it has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. A lot has happened since I walked into UPMC Presby Hospital for my total abdominal colectomy with ileostomy surgery last December. The last year has flown by, I have done so many things,  and I’ve opened up many new doors that I am very thankful for.

Reflecting on the last four years of my life, especially this last one, was difficult to grasp and put into words.  Even in writing this post, it is hard to summarize my thoughts and feelings as to what I endured this past year. I don’t know how to sufficiently do so, but I thank the doctors at UPMC, my friends for the support, and my family for being there with me every step of the way. I am so thankful for being able to have the surgery last December as so many new opportunities and situations have presented themselves that I otherwise would not have experienced. I pushed myself beyond my mental limits.

I thought having ulcerative colitis was going to limit my life in what I could do on a daily basis.  When I look back on this first year, I think I challenged myself mentally and physically to show myself that I am not going to let UC bring me down. I have to lead my new normal, healthy life.

I never would put money on the fact that I would start a blog and share my story of IBD with the public. I never enjoyed writing in school. And when I did have to write, I always had my sister, Heather, review everything I wrote before I turned it in.  In the weeks leading up to first surgery, I contemplated whether or not to write a blog to share my story. Blogging, I thought, could be used as a way to process my situation.

I know the web is flooded with everyone trying to share their story. I may not get a lot of people visiting my blog, but I hope that my story can provide at least one person with background information into my situation that can help them out.  I know that I found numerous blogs by people in the same situation as me: surgery or no surgery. It helped me to connect with the IBD community; understand what my options were; what people, with my same condition, went through; what the positives and negatives were; and how others weren’t going to let ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease stop them from living an amazing life. I drew my inspiration from the community I found.

The next love/hate relationship I have experienced the last few years is running.  Over the last four years I had off-and-on spurts of running during the summer, but I never stuck with it.  I knew before the first surgery last December that I had signed up to do the 2014 Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May; I was not going to let the surgery interfere with this new challenge.  It was definitely up in the air in my mind: How could I go from my first Recovery Walk mid January, my First Run in February,  to running 13.1 miles 4.5 months later? However, I was able to accomplish that goal and enjoyed every second of running through Pittsburgh with Heather that morning.

Each time I go for a run, it’s a surprise whether or not it’s going to be a good run or a bad run, but I am thankful that I am able to go outside for a 10 mile run on a Saturday morning.  Before surgery, there were very few days that I was able to feel comfortable enough to go out for a run and now the only thing stopping me is the weather or not being in shape enough to run for an hour.  I am in the midst of my Run 1,000 Mile Challenge and will continue to show that no matter what your situation, you can overcome adversity and push your limits!

It still amazes me what has happened in the last 12 months:  Surgery, Buying our First Home, getting married and going to Hawaii in May 2014, getting a second dog, as well as the daily routine of working and running.  Again, I can’t thank my friends and family enough, especially my wife, Emily, for helping me through the tough times this past year.  Everyone has helped me through the pain and has been there with me for every happy memory and event. I would not have had such an amazing 2014 without them!

I hope that 2015 is just as amazing, but a bit less eventful than 2014, so I can continue my new normal and share my story.

Happy Holidays!

Ochman Christmas

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Run 1,000 Mile Challenge Update #1

The first three months of this Run 1,000 Mile challenge have flown by.  It has gone from 70 degree afternoon runs to cold and windy 25 degree Saturday morning long runs.

All in all, the first three months of this challenge have been a success and I am exciting with my progress thus far.  The original goal was to run 1,000 miles in 365 days.  That goal still stands and is a goal I can reach if I am able to stick with my plan.

For the first three months, my total mileage to date is 238 miles.  This puts me a bit behind of 250 for 25% complete but I am still in the build up stage for mileage and hope to  make up the difference in the next three months of the challenge.

25% Overall Info

I have been able to beat my planned run totals for each of the first three months and have lowered my average pace per month as well. During the first month I was averaging 15-16 miles per week and have been able to up this weekly mileage to 18-20 miles during November.  I have also been able to increase my long run from 4-5 miles to 7-8 miles over the last two months.

25% Monthly Breakdown

With a busy holiday season ahead of us, it will be a challenge to adjust to the cold weather and running in the dark but I am looking forward to the challenge and enjoying the next stage of the Run 1,000 Mile Challenge!


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